Zhaojun Yang

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Zhaojun Yang is the Founder and CEO of MeiDa With a profound financial background, he possesses a unique understanding of Nonwoven industrial investment, enterprises' internationalization strategy, operation and management. 5 Years military service, majors in finance.In June 2009, he made preparations for the establishment of Mei Da.

Zhaowei Yang

General Manager

Mr. Zhaowei Yang has served as our General Manager since July 2009.He has knowledge of non-woven fabric industry, has many year experience in team management, melt-blown non-woven fabric products, majors in Marketing.

Xin Liu

International Sales Manager

Mr. Xin Liu has served for Global Sales & Marketing since July 2012. He is very experienced in international business with expertise in Branding and Value Chain Management, majors in international trade.

Guangzhu Xu

Chief Engineer

Mr. Guangzhu Xu has served as our Chief Engineer since 2009. 15 years nonwoven machine manufacturing experience, he knows very well each parts of melt-blown machine, each manufacturing process of melt-blown nonwoven, majors in Machinery Manufacturing.

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